Frankie – A healthy Version


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Frankie is a very popular street food. Generally Frankie is made up of all purpose flour/wheat flour with the filling of potato stuffing and lots of and seasoning and sauces

Nowadays you can see it sold at every corner, beaches and Parks. Using too much of oil/butter and sauces makes it unhealthy for health lovers.

Today’s our recipe is a very healthy version of Frankie The outer shell/tortillas are made of mixture of oats, quinoa and wheat flour. For stuffing I have used the saute veggies and dips which enhances the taste of Frankie and also make it healthy, Protein rich meal or snack item.

I am sure you will certainly like this healthy version of Frankie made with very less oil and less of sauces and seasonings

Ingredients( serves 2)

1 Cup Wheat,Quinoa and Oats flour(1:1:1) ratio

1/4 cup Hung curd

Few leaves of mint

2 spoon pizza sauce

2 spoon mayonnaise

5-7 paneer cubes

4-5 spoon of olive oil

11/2 spoon chaat masala


Veggies of your choice-I used, cherry tomato, bell peppers, baby corn, capsicum,onion, lettuce

Salt to taste

Chilli flakes


Take the flour in a bowl, add salt, a spoon of olive oil and knead a soft dough as we knead for chapatis

Now let it rest for 5-7 minutes, till we prepare sauces/ dips for our frankie

I prepared two types of dips- one a healthy version and second kids friendly. So for healthy dip, you have to mix hung curd with mint paste( you can also add garlic to it)and salt to taste.

For another dip mix pizza sauce and mayonnaise together, add some chilli flakes to it

In a pan, heat a spoon of oil, add all chopped veggies and saute them for minute or two. Add some salt, black pepper, chaat masala to it

Grill Paneer on another pan for few minutes from both sides.

Now roll chapatis of the dough and cook it half from both sides and keep it aside

At the time of assembling frankie, heat pan, apply little oil and cook the chapatis on from both side till you get little brown spots on it

Dont overcook, else it will be difficult to roll the frankie. Apply one dip on one frankie and other dip on another frankie

Now put the saute veggies on both, If you wish to add paneer to both add, else add to pizza sauce frankie

Sprinkle some chaat masala on yoghurt dip frankie and grate some cheese and sprinkle chilli flake on pizza sauce frankie

Roll the frankies and wrap them with paper/foil Serve them with respective dips and enjoy eating a very healthy, tasty and fulfilling snack/meal

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