Fondue – An Indian Dessert Fondue

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Diwali is around the corner and we all are busy in preparations for Diwali. Certainly no festival in India can be completed without desserts, Isn’t it? So todays recipe is of Indian dessert in Innovative presentation.

Fondue is Swiss dish in which melted cheese is served in a fondue Pot over a portable stove heated with a candle and eaten by dipping bread into cheese using long stemmed forks

So how if we use our Indian Rabri as Fondue and instead of bread dip Malpua in it Yes, you guess it right, so ours today’s recipe is Malpua- Rabri Fondue

Malpua is a pancake served as a dessert, made using all purpose flour and deep fried in ghee. Rabri is a thick milk garnished with dry fruits and an be served hot or chilled as per your preference

Ingredients of Malpua

1 litre milk

3/4 cup maida( approx 50 gm)

Ghee to fry malpua

few Pistachio flakes( optional)

For sugar syrup

1 cup sugar

3/4 cup water 

Few Saffron strands

Elaichi powder

A pinch of food colour( optional)

Ingredients of Rabri

1 litre milk

Dry fruits- pistachio, almonds,elaichi powder, saffron

Sugar as per taste

Preparation of Malpua

Boil the milk till it gets half on slow flame Let it cool down, add maida to it in batches to avoid lumps and stir it. I would suggest first add 1/2 cup maida & check if you are able to make malpuas if not then add the balance using spoon. Keep checking after adding one or two spoon, as measurement of cup can vary. The batter should not be too running nor too thick

Add pistachio flakes to the batter(optional)

Make sugar syrup, here we dont have to make any thread syrup, just need to melt sugar completely and boil 2-3 minutes. Add saffron, elaichi powder & colour(optional) and mix it properly

Now after doing test of maida requirement as mentioned in point 2 you are all set to make malpuas

Fry all malpuas and dip in sugar syrup

Note :-Pls note sugar syrup should be warm when you add malpuas to it. It should not be too hot or too cold

A flat pan or kadai is must for frying the Malpuas

Preparation of Rabri

Boil milk on low flame till it gets thick of Rabri consistency. Add sugar as per your taste, please take care while adding sugar as Malpuas are also sweet

Add all dry fruits and serve chill or hot as you like

Serve the Rabri in fondue pot with malpuas aside and put on the flame under the pot if you want to have it hot

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