Aloo Gobhi Gravy – Jodhpur Special


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This Sabji is called as Special Sabji as it is rich in taste and prepared in unique way. This is winter special dish and is famous in specific places of Rajasthan

This Gravy Sabji has many specialities in it and this is the reason it is named as Special Sabji. Few of specialities listing down here

It has high quantity of ghee, cream and thick curd and spices . No water at all is used to prepare this Sabji. Even the vegetables used in it are diced in different( bigger size) than normal. It takes long time to get cooked,

The other speciality is it is eaten in different style that is spread on rotis(as shown in pic) and then crushed into small pieces using hands and then enjoyed with Papad and garlic chutney. One more speciality of it is after eating this we dont have to drink water on it as it has high amount of ghee in it

Lets have a look at this delicious- mouth watering Recipe and I am sure you all will like it and relish it this winter


5-7 small potatoes( dum aloo) or normal potatoes cut in big pieces

5-7 small onions

1/2 cup peas

5-7 Gobhi florets  cut in big size(cauliflower pieces)

500 gm thick curd

1 cup ghee

1/2 spoon haldi powder

Salt to taste

3/4 spoon chilli powder

2 spoon dhaniya powder

1/4 spoon garam masala

1/2 spoon amchur powder

1/4 spoon heeng

1/4 spoon jeera(cumin)


Mix all masalas except garam masala in curd.Grind the curd & masalas in mixer

In a Pan, heat ghee, add hing and jeera to it,when jeera splutter add the curd mixer to ghee

Keep stirring the curd for first 5 minutes so that it does not get grainy

Now add potatoes to it and let it cook with occasional stir.When potatoes are half cooked, add gobhi florets to it

Keep stirring occassionally,add garam masala at this point

When potatoes and gobhi are almost cooked then add onion and peas to it

Dont stop stirring it as the thick curd will stick to the pan

Onion will not take much time to cook. So once they are done then garnish with green chopped coriander and the Special Sabji is ready to serve

It is served with chapatis ( without ghee) and Papad

The rich taste of this Sabji will leave its taste on your tastebuds forever

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