Vermicelli Makhana Chaat – Healthy Snack Recipe

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As mentioned in my earlier posts too, that Chaats are my favorite and we cannot live without each other for long. Varierty in chaats keep the love fresh and more demanding.

So todays recipe is of a very healthy and very easy to make Chaat. All the ingredients used are very healthy so anyone can indulge guilt free.

Vermicelli is used in upma, croquet and many other dishes Few of them are shared by me in my earlier post too. Todays recipe is about Vermicelli Makhana Chaat in which , will share the recipe of Baked Vermicelli Basket and filling will be of Makhana(Lotus seed)

Chaat is a dish which can be enjoyed in any season as starter, snack or can become part of main course too . Lets have a look at the recipe of this delicious chaat

Ingredients for basket

21/4 cup vermicelli (Semolina/Rice)

A pinch of salt

Oil for brushing

Water to sprinkle

Ingredients for filling

1 cup roasted Makhana( lotus seed)

11/2 cup thick curd

Green chutney

Tamarind chutney

Mix of chilli powder, jeera powder & chaat masala to sprinkle

Few leaves of mint

Pomegranate & nylon sev  to garnish

Preparation of basket

In a tray or bowl take vermicelli. Sprinkle normal water on them

Water should be just to make them wet.Keep it aside for 5-7 min

Till then preheat the oven @180°c. Now take the moulds and grease them properly with oil

Set the vermicelli in the moulds as per their shape using hands and press them tightly

Make sure the layer of vermicelli is thin and not thick, thick layer will make it hard and will be difficult to bite

Spray some oil on them and keep it in preheated oven for 10 minutes. If you want to bake more then can keep for another 3-5 minutes. Keep any eye as they burn easily

Now let them cool before demoulding

You can serve immediately or can store in an air tight container for after use

Preparation of filling

Take curd in a bowl and whisk it. Dry roast the makhana in a pan till they are slightly brown

Add roasted makhana to it and keep it aside for some time. Now take the basket, pour makhana curd to it. Add some mint leaves to it

Sprinkle the masala on it.Garnish it with green , tamarind chutney,pomegranate and nylon sev

Your healthy, tasty and easy to make chaat is ready to enjoy


Filling you can use many other options like Chana/ sprouts, veggies chopped with mayonnaise, fruits chopped with choclate syrup or cream, bhelpuri etc

Do not use brown or roasted vermicelli

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