Rose Saffron Masala Chai – Shahi Chai

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Tea is not just beverage but is an emotion specially for Indian people . We can have tea in any moments, happiness is tea, sadness is tea, meeting friends then” chai to banti hai” and many more reasons to drink tea

There are varieties of tea, favourite of different people like green tea, herbal tea, masala tea, white tea, fermented tea and many more. My personal favourite is Masala Chai, which I can have anytime, specially when it is winters

My Todays recipe is of Tea akka Chai- Shahi Chai. Most of us drink masala tea everyday but todays recipe is about flavoured masala chai with lot of benefits in it. Rose saffron masala chai as the name itself says, this masala tea is flavoured with rose leaves and saffron. Not just because of its name it is Shahi Chai but it has lot of health benefits which also makes it Shahi(rich) Tea

If I talk about health benefits, the list is long but will try to highlight few of them. It works as antioxidant equal to or more than green tea. Rose tea also has anticancer ,anti inflammatory properties .It also helps in maintaining eye health, ageing issues and improved memory.It is rich in vitamin C. It also helps in sleep and anxiety issues. There are numerous more benefits of this tea to consume

So lets have a look at the the recipe of this rich and tasty beverage and how to make it

Ingredients (serves 4)

2 cups water

2 cups milk

10-12 saffron strands

12-15 rose petals

3 spoon tea leaves

1 spoon black pepper (crushed)

Ginger sliced/crushed

Elaichi Powder

small piece of cinnamon (optional)

2 cloves (optional)

Sugar as per taste

For Preparation, have a look at this video

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