Til Gud Chikki – Sakranti Special

Sakranti, a hindu festival which means transmigration of the Sun.It is an auspicious day according to hindu calendar in which people of India celebrate their harvest.

This festival is known by different names such as Bihu, Lohri,Pongal, Sankhranthi. It is observed with dances, kite flying,bonfires and feasts.

The main cultural practices found common in all parts of India is making sticky sweets particularly using sesame(Til) and Jaggery(gud) This type of sweet is a symbolism of being together in peace and joy, inspite of cultural differences among individuals.

So following this culture, today I also brought for you a very easy recipe of making Til-Gud Chikki which will hardly take time to get prepared and will bring taste of love,bondness and joy in the family


Sesame(Til)- 250 gm

Jaggery(Gud) -250gm equal to til)

Ghee- 2teaspoon

Water- 1/2 cup

Elaichi Powder

Pistachio flakes

Check video for preparation of Til Gud Chikki

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