Badaam(Almond) Halwa- An Indian Traditional Dessert


(posting late on blog, was posted on facebook and insta on Holi)

Badaam Halwa is a Classic Indian Sweet made up of grounded almonds, ghee, khoya and sugar

It is rich and delicious in taste.While the recipe does not call for too many ingredients, nor is the process a complex one, it takes love and time to make a good Badam Halwa

This is an all time favourite dessert but you cannot have more than few spoons due to its richness.Worry not, you can easily store it in fridge and can have small portions daily

This is a rich dessert to be prepared for upcoming festival Holi

Have a Colourful Holi with your loved ones accompanied with yummiest delicacies
Happy Holi to all of you

Badaam Halwa

Ingredients150 gm khoya( made using 1 ltre fat milk)

150 gm Almonds/ badaam

100 gm sugar(usually sugar is added equal to almond but i added less, so can add as per taste)

1/2 cup ghee(approx 50-60 gm)


Elaichi powder

Pistachio chopped


First make khoya by boiling milk.Khoya should be dry just as powder. You  have  to keep stirring on low flame till it gets that dry like powder

SoakAlmonds/ badaam in hot water one hour before making the halwa, peel & grind in mixture( grainy and not fine)

Heat ghee in a kadhai, add almond/ badam and cook on low flame till it turns good pinkish colour.Add mawa to it , mix well & cook it for 5-7 min. On low flame with continous stirring

Now make sugar syrup/chasni( 2 thread), cool a little, mix everything together.If it does not bind together then put a little hot water to it

Let it settle a little before serving

Note:- I have reduced the quantity of ghee and sugar both to make it healthy and guiltfree ,you can use it as per your taste and liking

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  1. Pooja says:

    This recipe is best ever I came across. ❤️


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