Makhana (Lotus Seed) Kheer – An Easy and Quick Recipe- Vrat Special


Happy Navratri Everyone!

Chaitra Navratri is particularly celebrated to worship Goddess Durga and her nine forms through nine days. It is to seek her blessings for protection from evil and seek happiness

This year we really have nothing more to ask from goddess than to remove Corona(evil) from the country and give us back our normal world. Its been more than a year we all are struggling with COVID and many has lost their loved ones due to this. May goddess Durga listen to our prayers and soon we get free from this Corona

Coming back to Navratri and its rituals, Chaitra means the beginning of a New Year many people observe fast for these nine days and eat only one time in a day or only eat Fast(Vrat) food

Our todays recipe is dessert which is mainly made for Fast(Vrat) and consumed. Certainly it is so tasty that you can make and have it even if not fasting. This recipe requires Milk, lotus seed as main ingredient. Lets have a look at the detailed recipe


1 litre milk

1 medium cup lotus seeds( Makhana)

2 teaspoon ghee

A pinch of saffron

Elaichi powder

Almonds & Pistachio flakes

Sugar/ honey or any sweetener as per taste


In a pan/ kadhai, heat ghee and roast Makhana. Take care, you have to roast makhana only to make them crisp

Add milk to the roasted makhana and let it boil with occasional stirring in between

Boil till milk gets half, add saffron, elaichi powder, and nuts to it Now add sugar or any sweetener as per your taste, and take one boil on high flame with continous stirring

Lotus Seed kheer is ready to serve, Serve hot or chilled as per liking

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