Papaya Halwa – A Healthy Dessert

As we all know Navratri is going on and many of you are fasting. During fast we want to have something tasty but on the same time, it should be light on stomach too, Isn’t it?

My todays recipe is very easy to make, very low on calories and very tasty too. Papaya is known for its various health benefits as it has high level of antioxidants, Vitamin A,C and E. It helps to cure skin infections, prevent wrinkles, Improves digestion, arthritis and many more such benefits

Now, how if to consume Papaya not a fruit but as dessert? Sounds interesting. During fast days or even in normal days. if you crave for dessert but afraid of indulging high calories to satiate your cravings then this is certainly a rescue to avoid all such hassles

This dessert is very easy to make and requires minimal ingredients like Papaya, ghee, some dryfruit and sweetener(optional). So lets have a look at this easy peasy dessert recipe


1 medium size Papaya

1/2 spoon of ghee

Sugar optional

Dryfruits( almonds, saffron, elaichi powder)


In a pan heat ghee, add chopped papaya pieces to it. Cover it with lid with a occassional stir

Keep cooking on low flame till papaya softens completely.Now mash the papaya with spoon completely.

Papaya must have left water.Add sugar if you wish, I have not added

Keep stirring till the water evaporates completely

Add elaichi powder, saffron and mix it

Garnish it with almond flakes

Papaya halwa is ready to serve. A healthy dessert to eat in fast or otherwise

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