Cheesy Moonglet – A Perfect Protein Pack Snack


In my previous post I have highlighted the importance of Protein in our day to day life. I am sure you all must have gone through that post, if not then please go through that post and know the importance of Protein

So my todays recipe is about a Protein Pack Snack. Generally Moonglet is called Vegetarian Omlette but in my personal view we can call it Desi Pizza cause it looks more like Pizza and in my recipe I have topped it with cheese just like pizza

Moonglet is a great source of fibre and Protein. It is made up of Moongdal, which is the healthiest way to load up nutrients in the diet. Moonglet is a healthy and guiltfree snack

Have a look at written and video on how to make this healthy Snack


2 cup moong dal 

Salt to taste

A piece of ginger

1green chilli

2-3 spoon ghee/ butter

1/2 spoon fruit salt

1 small capsicum chopped

1 onion chopped

1/2 beetroot grated

A pinch of chaat masala( optional)

Oregano & chilli flakes


Wash and soak dal for 3-4 hours Add dal, ginger and chilli to mixer grinder and grind it smooth

Add fruit salt and salt to batter and mix it till it becomes fluffy

Heat a pan, put 2 spoon of ghee to pan and let it heat. Add the 3-4 laddle of dal batter to pan

Spread onion, capsicum,beetroot . You can also add more veggies like corn,tomato or any of your choice. Also can add paneer cubes if you like

Let it cook from bottom and then flip it and cook it from other side.Once cooked from both sides,sprinkle chaat masala, spread cheese on moonglet

Let the cheese melt,sprinkle oregano and chilli flakes

Powerpack Moonglet is ready to serve with sauce or chutney

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