Quinoa Fried – A Healthy and Protein Rich Recipe


We all know how healthy Quinoa is. It is rich in protein, fibers, vitamin B and dietary minerals. It contains all amino acids and is very nutritious . It is gluten free and also has low glycemic index which is beneficial for gluten intolerant and blood sugar people

On the other hand Fried Rice is a Chinese dish which is made up of cooked rice and stir fried with vegetables and other ingredients.

So for all those Chinese dish lovers who want to eat a healthy meal yet not compromising the taste then Quinoa Fried is the best dish for you. Now you may have a question is rice not healthy? Rice is not at all unhealthy, only thing is rice is a source of Carbs whereas Quinoa is a rich source of Protein specially for vegetarians and also contains high amount of fiber as compared to rice which keeps you fulfilled for longer time

These are the reasons Quinoa is considered as a healthy ingredient and our todays recipe is giving Chinese tadka to our healthy ingredient quinoa that is making Quinoa Fried.


11/2cup quinoa

2 spoon oil

1 chopped onion

1 chopped capsicum 

1 chopped carrot

1/2 chopped cabbage

10-12 chopped french beans

1-2 leaves of spring onion

Few cherry tomatoes for garnishing

Salt to taste

1/2 spoon black pepper

1 sachet of chilli garlic fried rice maggi masala

1 spoon vinegar

1-1-1 spoon of soya,green & red chilli sauce each


Wash and boil quinoa in 3 cups of waterBoil till it cooked properly in water

Heat a pan, add oil,now add onion,cook for a whileAdd capsicum, beans, carrot,cabbage and cook it low flame

Add salt & pepper. Now add chilli garlic maggi masala and vinegar mix

Add cooked quinoa and mix it properly. Now add soya, green chilli and red chilli sauce

Garnish with spring onion and cherry tomatoes

Your healthy – protein rich quinoa fried is ready to relish

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