Spaghetti – A Tasty Meal Recipe


Spaghetti is an traditional Italian Cuisine. It can be cooked in different ways like in white sauce or red sauce as per your preference

Todays Spaghetti recipe is a very easy to make and absolutely delicious to eat. This Spaghetti recipe has flavours of garlic, fresh tomatoes and basil

In this dish we have used Di Sano Spaghetti and Borges olive oil. It can be relished with any fruit juice. So do try this easy recipe of Pasta and let us know, how you liked it?


4-5 Tomatoes

1/2 Pack of DiSano Spagehtti

2 spoon Borges Olive oil

Garlic chopped as per taste

5-7 fresh basil

1 spoon chilli flakes

1 spoon pizza mix

1/2 spoon thyme

1/2 spoon paprika

Salt to taste

Water to blanch tomatoes & boil spagehtti

Cheese, cherry tomatoes for garnish


Boil water in a pan ,blanch tomatoes for 2-3 min. Take out tomatoes from water & let them cool

Use the same boiled water, add salt & boil spaghetti in it. Boil till you see the white portion of spaghetti

Drain water and keep them aside. Now remove skin of tomatoes and make a puree of it

Heat another pan, add oil, put chopped garlic and cook Now add chilli flakes to it

Cook them for a minute then pour tomato puree to it. Let it cook on medium to low flame

Add oregano, thyme, parsley,pizza mix and paprika

Cook till it leaves oil from sides, put some fresh basil Now add boiled spagehtti and mix it properly and cook on low flame till it mixes properly

Garnish it with grated cheese, chopped basil and burnt cherry tomatoes

Relish it hot- hot

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