Rose Lassi – Perfect To Beat the Heat


Lassi is the Perfect traditional summer drink which has numerous health benefits too. It is the best summer drink to beat the heat and packed with nutrients and vitamins

Lassi on hot day keeps you refreshed and hydrated. This sweet drink helps in keeping body cool and remove dehydration problems

This yoghurt based drink is often known as the oldest smoothie in the world. Mostly famous in North India, but it flocks the streets all over India in summers

In one of my previous posts, I shared recipe of Mango Lassi. Todays recipe is about Rose Lassi. If you want to experiment there are endless combination and flavours that can be added to Lassi and give it a delicious makeover. In todays recipe we will use fresh rose petals, rose syrup, rose water and kevada water to give it flavour

So lets have a look at the recipe


1 Cup Curd

1/2 Cup Chilled water/ Ice

5-7 Rose Petals

2 Spoon Rose Syrup

2 drops Rose water

2 drops Kevada Water

Sweetner of your choice

Pinch of elaichi powder

Almond- Pistachio flakes


Blend all ingredients together in blender or mixer

Serve Chill

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