Quinoa Pasta – Health bhi Taste bhi


In my earlier posts I have highlighted the benefits of Quinoa as how healthy it is It has all nine amino acids and good source of Protein specially for vegetarians

Generally the normal pasta which we eat is mostly carbohydrates as it is made up of all-purpose flour, and then the ingredients which we add to cook pasta like milk, butter and cheese are major source of fats

So just choosing a better product and without compromising in taste we can make it a complete meal, complete in the sense Protein, carbohydrates, Fats and Fiber and thus not impacting health and that is why it is Health bhi taste bhi

Without delaying lets have a look at this healthy yet tasty recipe


250 gms Qunioa Pasta

11/2 cup milk

3 spoon olive oil

2 spoon butter

4-5 Oats powder

2-3 cubes/slice cheese

Salt to taste

1 spoon black pepper

Veggies like broccoli, carrot, bell peppers

Pasta Seasoning, Oregano and chilli flakes

Water to boil Pasta


Boil Pasta as per instructions on the pack as different brands have different process

Add 1 spoon oil and salt in boiling water

Heat another pan, add 2 spoon oil and saute veggies Add salt pepper to them and keep them aside

Now heat butter in a pan, add oats powder and let it cook, it should not burn, now add cheese cubes and let it melt Keep stirrring continously

Gradually add milk and keep stirring to avoid lumps

Now add seasonings, oregano and chilli flakes

Add sauted veggies and mix

Now add boiled pasta and mix it properly

Add left over water of boiled pasta

Garnish with cheese seasonings and serve hot- hot

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