About Me

Welcome to my world of experiments. Hope you have a great time here. This is me , Aarti.

A little about myself.
I am a food enthusiast, recipe developer, author and techie at Spoons of flavour.

Chartered Accountant by Profession, whenever I am free from my professional duties I love spending my time in cooking and listening music.
I don’t have any formal culinary or photography  training nor I have blogged before , but I believe cooking  is a never ending  journey – plethora  of learning  – each day leads you closer to perfection.

What is this blog about
Everyone has an artist hidden in them and cooking is form of channelizing that creativity into something special.This blog is all about carving your thoughts, and turning them into a reality. I start with something simple  and turn it to something spectacular. 
This blog is for everyone who loves to eat and loves to cook.
All recipes on my blog are easy, healthy, and  made with easy to source ingredient.
You will find only vegetarian  recipes here.

Why did I start this Food Blog
Spoons of flavour is my humble effort to record  my cooking  experiments .
I never thought i would be blogging anytime  in future as I cooked very occasionally before marriage but I use to closely observe my Mom in kitchen.I love to be creative with my food.

Innovation & Experiments are important ingredients in my kitchen.

What can you expect here.
Some cooking, Some makeovers, Some innovations & few twist & turns.
Like many of you I have a busy lifestyle too . I can’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen so I have to constantly come with quick and easy to make meals which looks appealing , tastes good as well as healthy .

Hence you will find a little bit of everything here.
From authentic to fusion
Healthy to indulging
Quick meals to elaborate ones
But everything with a sweet little twist.

I love taking risks and trying something different . But sometimes thinking out of the box leads to unexpected results sometimes a big flop and sometimes a sweet success . 
All recipes shared here are tried and tested by me several times in my very own kitchen and relished by my family and friends . 

My Mom & My grandmom
Most of my cooking is inspired by Indian roots . I have grown up watching my mom & grandmom making finger licking food with so many twist & turns, and always wish to be half as good as them.
 I would like to thank my family and friends who thought my recipes are share worthy . So here I am sharing my culinary journey with you.

Yummy food + Happy family = Happy me

PS: Write to me at moondraaarti@gmail.com with your feedback & suggestions