PROTEIN – How important it is in our Diet


Hello Everyone,

Posting after a long time, due to medical emergency in the family. Thankyou for checking and showing your concern through messages for not being active on the blog and Page. Hope you all are doing good and are in good health. It was long pending to share with you all that I am now a Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant

Today in this post I will let you know why protein is important to be included in diet,its benefits and myths around Protein Intake.

As we all know there are three important macronutrients in our diet which are – Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins. Mostly Indian diets includes Carohydrates and Fats and negligible amount of protein. So seeing its benefits and importance of protein in this post below, you will come to know how protein is important and needs to be included in our day to day diet.

Why Protein is Important and what are the benefits of Protein Intake?

Whenever you start any kind of diet or even for general well being, the first advise you will get is increase protein intake which actually makes sense – Here are the reasons –

1. Protein undoubtedly an essential macronutrient that we need on a daily basis which assist in growth, repair and maintenance of muscle mass , it is the building block of your muscles

 2 High protein intake significantly boost Metabolism and increases the number of calories you burn, because of its high thermic effect of food

3.Protein helps to keep you feeling fuller than any other macronutrient, which will make you eat less, thus a very helpful macronutrient in loosing Weight

4 Weight loss = Fat loss +Muscle Loss,  Whenever you are on a diet, there are chances of muscle loss also and to preserve that muscle mass, you need to have a pretty good amount of protein intake 

Thus Protein plays an important role to preserve our muscle mass and strengthening process.

Myths on Protein Intake

There are mythson Protein intake that high intake of Protein can lead to Kidney or Renal dysfunction.

However the Truth is that

  1. High Protein diet leads to more nitrogenous waste production but Kidneys are efficient enough to process all the impurities nin the blood and excrete the waste through Urine. However, Only low Protein diet is recommended to those who have existing kidney or renal dysfunction.
  2. Only Men should eat more protein and not women as that will make them mascular is again a myth and not a fact as gaining muscles is your choice but loosing fat will be certainly your goal.
  3. Vegetarians have less source of Proteins than Non-Vegetarians is again a myth. Soya,Tofu, Paneer, Milk, Cheese are few examples of Protein source for vegetarians

Recommended Daily Protein intake is 0.5 -1.2 g/kg of your body weight. However due to high rate of muscle depletion after age of 50, it is recommended 1.5g\kg of body weight(depending upon any medical issues)

Hope this post will help you know about the importance of Protein intake, its benefits and the myths around it.